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Customer service

Customer legal service is important for business, because it reduces the financial and commercial risks. Experienced lawyers of «Consulting and Legal Centre» Yurstandart - 2012» will help you to make the right legal solution and will defend your interests in the course of your economic activity.

The range of services:
  • Consultation and preparation of legal conclusions on the application of existing legislation;
  • Provision of information, providing normative legal acts and supplementary required information;
  • Development and analysis of documents;
  • Legal support of employment;
  • Legal support of business transactions;
  • Development of amendments to the constituent documents;
  • preparation of claims, applications, petitions, complaints and other procedural documents;
  • Representation ofa client in public institutions, agencies and organizations;
  • Protection clients interests during negotiations with legal entities or individuals;
  • Development of opinions on legal matters.