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Car lawyer Poltava

Consulting and legal center "Yurstandart - 2012" provides legal assistance for drivers of vehicles in each conflict situation that may arise along the way, in the communication with the traffic police, and in case of traffic accidents, around the clock.

The range of services:
  • Consulting the driver when the vehicle has been stopped by traffic police, legal support in drawing up the protocol on administrative violations in the mode online;
  • Challenging protocol on administrative violations drawn up by traffic police in court;
  • Departure lawyer at the place of accident;
  • Legal support of the completing of accident;
  • Preparation of the European Protocol;
  • Reimbursement in court for moral and material damage caused by accident;
  • Keeping of claims with insurance companies;
  • Pre-trial settlement and protect the rights and interests of the driver in court in disputes with insurance companies to recover insurance benefits;
  • Challenging violations of traffic rules, which were recorded using laser speed meters ("Vizir", "Harpoon", "TruKum").
  • And other issues related to legal support while driving vehicles.

For getting twenty-four hour protection program "Car lawyer Poltava ", you need to buy a plastic card of the membere "Car lawyer Poltava " by contacting us by telephone of consulting center:
  • 095-658-67-86
  • 097-757-88-02
Plastic card can be delivered to you in any comfortable time and place by the specialists of our company.
The cost of plastic card "Car lawyer Poltava" is only 200 UAH. Validity period of the card is 180 days with the possibility of extending the term by the phone.