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Family law

Family law –is a system of law aimed at regulating personal non and property relations between spouses, parents and children, adopters and adopted, tutors, guardians and wards, patronage teachers and their pupils, and other family relationships between family members and relatives. In recent years, due to changes in society, the family relationship has undergone significant change, causing the need for their regulation on new foundations and principles.

Due to lawyers of your company you can get:

  • Consultations on family law;
  • Preparation of claims, petitions, complaints and other legal documents;
  • Representing clients in courts of all instances while considering family disputes (divorce, recovery (increase or decrease in size) aliments, division of property, recognition of property as personal property);
  • Identification the place of residence of the child;
  • Identify manner and time of meeting with the children;
  • Termination of parental rights.