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Civil law

Civil law - one of the fundamental areas of legal system of Ukraine, which regulates property and personal non-legal social relations between equal entities, individuals and legal entities, local communities, states and so on. In Ukraine 1-2 place in the structure of cases coming to court, take the cases of civil proceedings. It means that the sector of civil cases occupies a prominent place in the Ukrainian courts of general jurisdiction. Lawyers of  LLC " Consulting and Legal Centre" Yurstandart 2012 "provide professional legal assistance in the civil sphere.

We provide:
  • Consultations at the conclusion of contracts between physical or legal persons for debt collection transactions, reimbursement of  damages, recognition of transactions invalid.
  • Conclusion of contracts, amendments to existing agreements.
  • Consulting and support in collecting debt, representing both the debtor and the creditor;
  • Representing clients in courts of all instances in resolving civil disputes;
  • Consulting on inheritance law, resolve  inheritance  disputes, probation (by law, by will, the removal of a person from inheritance, legacy challenge, increase or decrease its parts).
  • Recognition of the will invalid.