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Civil law
Civil law - one of the fundamental areas of legal system of Ukraine, which regulates property and personal non-legal social relations between equal entities, individuals and legal entities, local communities, states and so on. In Ukraine 1-2 place in the structure of cases coming to court, take the cases of civil proceedings. It means that the sector of civil cases occupies a prominent place in the Ukrainian courts of general jurisdiction. Lawyers of LLC "Consulting and Legal Centre "Yurstandart 2012"provide professional legal assistance in the civil sphere.
Land law
Land law – is a system of legal norms that regulate social relations on rational use and protection of land, protection of the rights of landowners and land users. In the early feudal right to review cases of land originally belonged to the supreme power, because the court was never separated from the administration. In modern Ukraine after the enactment of the Land Code, the Parliament has adopted more than 20 laws regulating land relations and land use features.
Family law
Family law –is a system of law aimed at regulating personal non and property relations between spouses, parents and children, adopters and adopted, tutors, guardians and wards, patronage teachers and their pupils, and other family relationships between family members and relatives. In recent years, due to changes in society, the family relationship has undergone significant change, causing the need for their regulation on new foundations and principles.
Commercial Law
Commercial Law - is a branch of law, the rules of which regulate economic relations, relations between economic subjects (industrial, institutional) and management relations on state regulation of business activity. Economic activity as a subject of regulation of business law stands out for its complexity, multi-stage, professional and systematic character. In recent years, Ukraine has adopted a new codified and special acts regulating economic activity.
 Corporate  Law
Corporate  Law - is part of civil law, set of legal rules governing the legal status, the establishment and activities of business entities. Statutory definition of corporate rights contained in the Law "On Joint Stock Companies", the Economic Code of Ukraine. First normative definition of "corporate rights" appeared exactly in the law on taxation. Relationships that regulates corporate law, by its legal nature are complex and diverse.
Tax Law
Tax Law – is a subsector of  Finance Law, that contains laws and subordinate legislation, legal norms embodying principles of the tax system, the rights, duties and responsibilities of participants of tax relations, types of payments. In the Tax Code of Ukraine combined all legal norms that regulates relations in the field of taxation.
Criminal  Law
Criminal  Law - a set of normative legal acts, which defined the grounds and principles of criminal responsibility and punishment of acts of crime and grounds for exemption from criminal liability and punishment. A special type of qualified legal aid is that, which is provided within the criminal justice system.
Protecting in the European Court of Human Rights
The European Court of Human Rights is one of the major international human rights protecting institution, based on European system of human rights protection. The number of complaints to the European Court of Human Rights from Ukraine reaches one of the first places among the other state member of the Council of Europe, and this shows the lack of effectiveness of national human rights protecting institutions.
Customs law
Customs law - the system of legal norms that regulate social relations associated with the movement of goods and vehicles across the customs border. Customs Law contains provisions of different legal fields: constitutional, administrative, tax, financial, criminal and international law.
In case of bankruptcy
Result of business can be quite unpredictable. Indeed, in terms of socio-economic crisis, it is likely to get arrears and other financial problems that could cause intentionally or unintentionally legal entity bankruptcy. To avoid negative consequences for the participants of business, you need to conduct the procedure of bankruptcy considering nuances. Assistance in this will provide lawyers of LLC "CLC" Yurstandart 2012".
Enforcement of the court decisions
Legal statistics indicate that nearly 50% of judgments in civil affairs in Ukraine are not enforced; it is one of the most acute problems of the national legal system. In order to increase your chances of a quick and accurate execution of court decisions, you should be known on the main provisions of the law, governing the enforcement proceedings in Ukraine. Specialists of LLC "CLC" Yurstandart 2012" will help you with this.
Legal support in the field of construction
Specialists of  LLC "CLC" Yurstandart 2012 "provide legal services in the field of construction. We can help you to solve urgent legal issues and non-standard questions in area of construction.
Evaluation and examination
Within the comprehensive expert legal assistance specialists of  LLC "CLC" Yurstandart 2012" carried out construction examination and make evaluation for:
  • transport;
  • real estate;
  • land.
Purchase and sale of problematic companies
Eliminate problematic companies by changing founders, director and chief accountant. Changing the legal address of the company. Sale of corporate rights is one of the fastest and safest ways to get rid of problematic companies before performing various kinds of inspections.